Neteller & Skrill Guide: How to Withdraw from My Skrill Account

(1) Log into Moneybookers

If you have not registered your account, please refer to this page. If you have previously completed your account registration, you can access Moneybookers by clicking here.


(2) Click “Withdraw” in the upper right-hand corner.

Moneybookers WITHDRAW

(3) Register your withdrawal method of choice.

Click the “Add” button.

(4) If your withdrawal method of choice is via bank transfer, enter your bank’s SWIFT Code.

Moneybookers SWIFT Code
If you do not know your bank’s SWIFT Code, you can search from this link.

(5) Enter your account number.


(6) Once you’ve successfully added your withdrawal method, you can complete your withdrawal request.

Based on your available balance, select your withdrawal method of choice, enter the amount that you would like to withdraw and click “NEXT” to proceed to the review screen before finalizing your withdrawal.

(7) Click "withdraw" to complete your withdrawal request.